“To make a good building, you must start it with good foundation.To make a good foundation, you must notice each details,  from the bottom to the top,  involve your determination, passion and hard work, also sacrifice your time.

If you still don’t understand, then learn!! 

It’s impossible you can’t!!”

~ Unknown

art, architecture, drawing

( Image: alldubai.ae )




Each time somebody put you in the hard situation and make you feel unapreciated, promise yourself you’ll gonna make the sweet revenge. You will tell yourself that it’s just a small rock wouldn’t scare you but raise your awareness. It’s not an impaire, but the fire that burn your spirit. You will tell yourself that slowly your progress will appear and it’s just getting better from time to time.


During that progress, you know you’ll not afraid of taking one more risk –even after one another failure-, because finally you see an excitement behind that risk and it becomes something that challenge you. From now and then, you have been a braver person, stronger, tougher, and smarter. You will not listen crap of anyone because you only handle good things that improve you seamlessly.


You promise to work harder than anyone and you will neglect all those noisy voices underestimate you. The more the mock at you, you are closer to your destination and more achievement. The noise will getting louder because they don’t like to see you make it and they are afraid of your rise. You more realize about this typical situation and promise to run even faster.


Some people gain their success without hard fight. But when you do, it actually taste the best than any instant success. Your success is not only build you a kingdom, but it builds you a character to complete your kingdom into perfection. Always know that having kingdom is harder than create the tower. You can envy the tower, but your goal should be to build the kingdom.