People always think,
that I’m very mature, smart, independent and know-what-to-do girl,
that I can do things I want to..
that I’m genius!
that I’m gorgeous!
and they bet I’m so brilliant and perfect! 
For me.. not that high!
If they look deep in me,
I’m just another teenagers..
they will find me as the emotional girl,
the one who sensitive, ambitious, selfish and miss the affection,
I’m not that brilliant..
I want to talk active, but then felt so weird,
I want to live in my comfort zone, but never found it around,
I want to be so cheer, but my child memory about my mom’s death was too real 
I want to be rejoice, but the shadow of hurt haunt me in every foot step,
I want to smile, but they told me nothing to smile..
I want to scream, but I have no space…
I want to cry but I told myself I don’t have to…
It’s like I live in a wrong place,
like wrong person in wrong situation…
I’m the stranger myself!
woman, girl, sitting, alone, sunset, woman

(c) Favim

Hide all your perspective about me!
you don’t know me!
you don’t know me!
you don’t know me at all!
Don’t praise me!
you know nothing about me!
you know nothing…
I’m strong enough!
I’m strong enough!
that’s all things you know!
I wish I’m strong enough too..!
but I’m not!
Fly away…ignore me,
I’m fine here,
I don’t even need your wings!
I crawl to get there!
You’d never know who I am…
I don’t need a hand to touch you,
I don’t need a soul to feel your presence,
I don’t need a lips to taste you a kiss..
it’s story about the revive of lonesome!
hardly to understand..
it’s just things you should know,
something you believe may deceive you!
and I’m not that brilliant,
I feel the pain too