“If I don’t want to be disturbed,

it means that I really don’t want to be disturbed.

Please understand!!”

~ Unknown


Lonely Girl, sad, alone, darkness, loneliness

(c) Pixabay.com


Each person need time for their own. Especially when they are in deep emotion, they tend to want to be alone, sitting in the edge of her room and just don’t want anyone to disturb. She will turn on melidious music, turn off the lamp and laying down on her bed. She tried to sleep but she can’t sleep. She had strange feeling she couldn’t explain. Perhaps it’s about something hurt her in the past. Or she was just abused and become a broken-hearted or she was just hope less of the future.


Time will heal. But for some people, it doesn’t really heal. Feeling is one complicated things and hard to explain. They may showing a plain face of unsatisfaction. Something which just happend hit her badly. She tried to cover her wound, but the memorize were too close that she find it hard to forget it and just being hurt more.


Especially, woman is very sensitive creature. They, indeed, easily get hurt. Sometimes she just doesn’t want anyone to help. She will mend it her self to embrace her soul slowly. She knows, the light will appear soon. But she doesn’t want to be hurry. She just want to lay in her bed to feel that warm of the sun in the following day slowly. Her past experience really hurt her. She knows she will move on, but not very soon. Right now, let her alone and make it moment of self-recovery. Soon, everything will be back alright.