It’s alone much here…
no voice left,
no friend stay,
no air,
no dust sweep away softly,
no dry leaves sing a parting song,
no symptom of people pass through.. 
This dark room getting empty and empty,
I watch the picture of my regretful,
I see my friend photograph,
but remembering them leave deep injured in me,
I wish I can see them and touch their face,
I feel their laugh within, but can’t taste their smile..
I wish to turn back the time just to hanging around with them
their plain face appears in my dream, but lost in seconds! 
It feel alone much here
I wish I’m awake,
and realize this is only dream,
it’s not dream at all! 
alone, lonesome, lonely, empty, poetry, poem



Sun has been replaced by the moon,
I feel the wind blow, everything feels absurd,
I remember the last time open the window, but can’t clearly see what last thing I’ve done,
It’s just emptiness and lonely,
It’s alone much here,
I wish I hear the voices…
I wish were on another demand,
but it were not dream,
just feel a deep lonesome