“You have your right to talk whatever you want to me,

But I have all my rights to ignore you.

If that’s too strong,

well, I’ll pretend to listen”

~ Unknown


Pretend to Listen, quotes, words


When it comes to psy-war, the one who give you first attack is actually need your feedback to reply them. No, not a great feedback that harm their pride actually. It’s a feedback that require them to attack you more and show people you’re the loser. In that situation, what will you choose? Would you find strategy to attack him back and win the victory crown or would just ignore it?


I know some people love competition, but I would not really do that. First I don’t want to waste my time. Second, it sounds like a kids game, and of course it’s not suite to me anymore since I’m not kids. I have met those kind of people who intimidate other for the shake of their satisfactory and fun. They usually kind of person who love showing his pride and don’t like others to sit above him. It’s funny how people struggle so hard to be on that level. Especially, because they have better things to do.


And well, what will happen when you just ignore him? You will annoy him so much. He won’t like you even more. Even, he will make more trouble for you. But then, if you keep ignoring him, later he will find you’re not attractive enough to be his rival. And he could leave you alone and you can continue his life.


Sometimes it’s not easy to just ignore. This person really challenge your personality. But if you pay attention to him, it will just make him more happy to interrupt you more. It’s like a kids who just get his friend’s toys!