“I love my friend neither with my heart nor with my mind.

Just in case… :

Heart might stop, mind can forget

I love them with my soul!

Soul never stops or forgets”

~ Rumi

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Friendship is one beautiful thing. When you have one true friend, God bless you with one of the most wonderful things in the world. Sometimes you don’t have to have many. Just having few friend, but they understand you very well and deeply, and be your good companion in many ways, than it’s enough.


One unique thing about friendship, we who choose our friend. God let us to enjoy the relationship amongs a lot of possibilities and we decide to stick with them and share good and bad, joy and pain. We will create beautiful things in our history with them.


Some friendship looks like a crazy. They hang out together and took ‘ugly photos’ and share their stupidity together. For other, they look like a freak, but it’s really how they fill their heart with a lot of joy. They know this moment will not last forever. They know soon all good things will have their ending. So, they want to enjoy their friendship to bit. After years or decade, the memories of friendship will stay forever in your heart even though you can’t meet each other anymore like that old days. Perhaps you will miss them so much and want to come back, but no, there’s no way out and you continue to live without them. But you’ll be grateful, that once you have friends that help you grow and make you so content.


Anyone here miss their friend? Then you can call her/him or drop the text. Lucky, you live in modern era where everything is easier. You have social media where you can meet your old friends and share what’s going on in your live now with your loved ones.