“You are wasting a time,

really wasting a time…

when think best for me, while I don’t think it’s best for me!!

Hey, do not hesitate!!!

I just wanna live!”


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Some people are busy too much on other’s life. They forget that sometimes you need a space to mend it yourself and manage your anger. Sometimes people want you use the same old method they use to solve their problem. But hey, their problem is theirs and yours are yours. It’s okay to help, and it’s really appreciated, but you should not force it too much. People have their own right to decide what they want. And again, your method which may works for you doesn’t mean will work to others.


Each problem has solution. Some could solve them very quickly and others need longer process. It doesn’t matter as long you don’t stop to learn and make your own progress. Really, sometimes you need to ignore those voices who discourage you from discovering yourself.  You need it to know your limit and explore more of your power. You may make slow progress by doing it, but at the end you’ll find a great things.


If everyone have the same chances to discover themselves and correct their mistake without people interrupt too much, I believe some people would be more creative in problem solving and could be the wiser and smarter because they have learnt more. So, why not, just watch them, give advice in moderate and just let them walk in their own way??