“Native People are one of the most respectable people in this world.

Such as Tibetans, they have their faith and would die for it.

Money, greed, genocide, technology… won’t change them.

They are God’s choose people”

~ Anonymous

God's Choose People, traditional people, native people, modern


In modern era, it’s not only technology that change. Mostly, people by behaviour and attitude has changed too a lot. In some manner, we can see a lot ot change that happen around us.


For those who born in Y generation, or was born around 80 – late 90’s they are generation who may feel this alteration from early technology era to one more techy and social media era. People in Z generation, who was born after 90 to now, are new generation who popular with social media and know everything should be easier. They are practice people and those who love perfection and have more open mind.


There is good and bad about Z generation. In positive, we’ll find them have more flexible mind and could be a better problem solver compare to old generation before technology. But the negative, they are being spoiled too much. When it comes to complicated things, they want other to do it for them. By attitude, if you don’t teach your kids of this generation in proper way, they will have bad attitude, more rude and unpolite. People believe, to teach kids these days, you have to become like nowadays people, having a modern thinking, flexible and use their style –perhaps it depends on each kids too.


Yes, technology indeed has changed people a lot. If you still your old method as your grandparent’s legacy, you will find them inobediant and don’t listen. Especially, if our children are affected too much by technology, trends, environment and friend. No matter you tried to educate them in your ways and your philoshopi, you can’t stem them. You have big challenged, parent!