No more argue,
no more effort to attract your attention..
I understand why you’ve changed…
I understand why you always hide when I ask for a date,
I understand why you threat me different now!
it’s clear! 
No more explanation,
no more fake..
It’s enough to pretend in front of me!
you have no single word to say…
and your eyes couldn’t lie anymore!
I know how much you love me…before!
so, you let her stay within us?
okay it’s hurt me so much… but I guess that’s enough,
Now, go find someone else!! 
I had put all of my heart in you,
No doubt anymore!
I still couldn’t believe you’ve betrayed me,
It feels too hurt to move on..
It’s more than a broken glasses
It’s a more hurt than thousands tears in amazon rivers, 
Those four years is not a short time!!
This betrayal….. too deep to forget it
sad girl, broken heart, alone, lonely, dark


Leave me!
you’ve burnt my faith!
don’t you see I give all things you want?
don’t you understand I’ve sacrificed everything for you?
and you made those worth things we did together seems to be disappear,
you sent our sweet moment into a trash basket,
How could you!!
I cry…
Please, leave!!
Don’t try to call me anymore!
I don’t want to see your face even in a glance,
I don’t want to remember you!
I don’t want to remember this!!
No pardon, No beg, No sorry!
I wanna close this fake fairy tale!
no more you in my dictionary!
no more you in my memory!!
Leave me alone!
and let me cry out loud all alone..
and time will help me to understand,
this will be very long time..
this will give me such as beautiful lesson,
that once upon a time… I had you!