“’Primitive cunning with high-tech means’

does not means people in advanced, it means that industry has developed.

We are blinder than ever to our place in the cosmos,

 because we keep ourselves distracted from the nature of our existence”

~ Ian Livingston


Primitive Cunning, quotes, words, quotation


Technology always grows as it should be. Industry, too, has grown very well that you can see amazing building everywhere and some in your favorite city. But, what’s the point? Human’s awareness on nature decrease from time to time. It’s like people forget that nature is the richest legacy we can give to our godchildren.


In Indonesia, from year to year, the forest’s large are getting decrease. This country is known as archipelago rich in nature but seem to lost identity. Illegal logging, animal extinction, forest fires and more destructive action to nature happens way too often. This issue is serious, yet, the government seems not handle this seriously to find proper solution. Or as the rumour, government may give permission because the repetitive action of forest destruction is for industry and coming from big company. It’s embarassing how greedy people for money!


Perhaps not only in Indonesia, in many part of the world, animals lost theirs habitats for human’s purpose. The nature destruction is increase and it’s just getting worse. Human are busy to build their emperor and industry to enrich themselves and sacrifice nature. They forget they don’t live forever. They forget to think the future of next generation.


By the time, we will see that their greediness will create damage for them and affect people in throughout the world. They will see in the near future, nature gets angry to them. They will do revenge in any ways. And when it happens, people could only blame each other. Their regret can’t save themselves and they will end up in suffering.