”Once in a while,

right in the middle of an ordinary life,

Love gives us a fairy tale”

( Unknown )


Love Gives Us Fairytale, quotes, quotation, love quotes


Love is beautiful. It’s culmination of two soul to meet their destiny of life. They are not really prince and princess like you hear on your fairytale read by your mother. However, it’s something that every girl ever dream of to meet their true love.


The beautiful fairy tale doesn’t mean all things are sweet. Some must fight hard to get together. In many stories, you heard true love need sacrification that tearing you apart. Parent of the girl may disaprove of the boy because of family tree, pride or wealth. Or the woman must be strong woman because the guy was cheating on her over and over again, before he find a way back to her arms again –I promise it’s not easy. Or love story that doesn’t age long because the girl suffer from deathly disease. And they have their marriage vow only to say good bye forever.


But we can forget that complicated story for a while. At the beginning to the end, we know fall in love is beautiful. It makes you smile all day and give you strength against the cruel of the world and human. Love gives you faith that good ending could happen and you’ll live happy ever after.


You can be the witness of love stories drifting away the world. The romance novels that leave smile on you and tears at the same times also give you prove that love is wonderful things. When you read this, you may remember your own story. The beginning you know him, and the way he gets closer to you, and all the road you pass trough together till you get together in deeper love, respect and affection. My advice, enjoy it to the bit!