She is ordinary girl,
no glittery at all,
just a natural beauty on her way.. 
Simple dress affords her,
and she’s just beautiful than ever,
her brown hair is blow everywhere,
her eyes spread the spot light to every angle..
I couldn’t stop adore her! 
She is amazing, but feel the beneath low,
she lives around the fake people,
who wears mask within their pearl and gold,
if I were near her, I am going to whisper this..
“you’re the most beautiful capture, don’t change anything on you”
  She played hide and seeks,
every moved of her seems to be wonderful,
she left the foot print, I tried to pick it up,
I really want to get closer and closer to her!
I always adore the natural beauty,
that she is!
her beauty is more natural than natural it self,
If I had the chance, I would chase over her,
I would beg if only I can be her lover,
I would beg till I die! 
I would try my best to catch her attention,
I would fall, run, fly and jump just to get her phone number
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Tonight I can see her foot print left the coffee shop,
it’s a small path, I see it in a glance..
ups, she’s definitely not alone!
someone beside her and hug her waist!
a five years kid is walk together with them..
They are holding hand each other 
I’m afraid if she might…
Oh, No!
I haven’t even tried!! 


He might just her admirer, brother or just friends!
I get ahead with a bunch of flower behind my black skinny jacket,
She is smile and stare out that guy
She accepts my flower,
Nicely say ‘thank you’,
What a pretty face!!
I keep adore her.. 
Nice to meet you, she said her good bye
I feel like fly to the air
But that guy burns my dream at the sudden,
He said, “My wife is beautiful, isn’t her?”
What? WIFE???
It’s odd..!
It should never happen
  I smile to him, looks like the most stupid guy ever
They left me, laugh out loud all the way
I love the sounds of her laugh
but it’s odd on me!
 I stand for a while,
laugh myself and feel like a fool,
I’m too adoring her!
but it’s clear for me now..
they are happy family at all, 
I’m disappointed..
now I still wonder her in my mind
she’s the brightest diamond in the sea of mud
may be someday I have one like her
literally like her!
I wish….