The wise said to me,
each turns you through, ups and down are things you couldn’t hide,
so feel the challenges,
dare yourself for some adventures! 
He also said to me..
you’re not always happy,
remember that!
you’re not always being accepted,
you have to realize about that!
Thousand souls means thousand views,
different cultures rank you up a million philosophies,
you’re not always love your self,
it’s a sad fact, but it’s sometimes happen in life!
you’re not always being accepted,
but it’s fine as long as you appreciate who you are 
Time ask you to grow up,
you couldn’t reject fate..
the hardest part is leaving one point to another point,
when one adventure has done, now go find the new one!
it’s wise enough to understand!
but sometime hard to die to face! 
you may want to skip some steps,
but actually nothing best than discovery it!
dare yourself, swim, jump, fly, and cry!
you were born, happy as kid, rebel like teenager, adult need maturity, be girlfriend-wife-parents,
sounds tiring? definitely yes!!
but no choice! 
your favorite could be being the greatest rebel in your life,
hard to forget,  too sweet to remember,
seems like don’t want to grow up anymore,
just want to stop the time!
the ‘pause’ button was pressed!
but it won’t work in real life..
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(c) kootation

more I grow up, more I understand what the pressure about, 
more I know the world, more I know true friends are hard to find,
and I don’t want to grow up anymore!
I just don’t want!
I just want to be teenager again,
I hate the point when I have to be the adult,
they told me what I should be and it’s hurt me sometimes,
but they don’t hear me when I’m sad this lonely,
they ask me to be perfect and stop asking what I want in life, 
I don’t want to be the mature one, I don’t want to be!!
I want to be me,  “me” in this time!
stop to intervene me, I decide my own road
stop to deceive me, I drive my own plane!
and if I want to stay home, don’t ask me to leave!! 
I don’t want to reach that point,
the point when I’m entering the new journey,
new journey that I don’t want to understand at all,
I’m afraid of being left by other
I’m scare of crowded
It’s seems worst outside
and dark within 
just let me here..
I want to be teenager once again,
I want to grow up once again,
and feel that warm hug,
and listen to voice saying they love me,
watch the sun shine brighter saying,
“kids, do anything you want to!”