We are the only one of all mammals that kills for sport.

Ask yourself, who is wiser :

Those who kills for survive,


Those one who kills for the thrill??”

~ John Willie


Human are The Top Predator, human, animal, quotes, wisdom, saying, words


It means, we are worse predator than crocodile, wolf, lion or tiger. Those animal, even has better brain than us –in particular thing You know!


Few days ago, there’s friend on Facebook wrote about Dolphin on animal circus. After reading his story, I felt so much guilty that once I enjoy that attraction and feel happy for that.


In his story, he told that Dolphin in sea could live longer until 40 years old, while circus Dolphin only live until 8-10 years or less. They don’t meet their family, less treatment and sometimes get bad water. Before the attraction, Dolphin will get his body to truck and get buttering to keep them mouisturize with limited water. When they brought to one city to another, Dolphin felt so suffering and tired. With long duration of attraction, Dolphin has short time to play and longer time to work. If they don’t work well or fail to follow instruction, they will get punishment. Yes, people treat them as the worker or even like slave.


I feel so sad to hear that. Some country has stopped this attraction because it’s against animal right and for protection purpose. Unfortunately, this attraction still exist in many countries. People clap their hand because this dolphin look beautiful and wonderful in circus. For me, dolphin is the cutest animal ever. They are very beautiful. Yet, it’s the best to enjoy them dancing on sea than in pool for circus and dangerous attraction. They have family and they love fresh smell of sea water. It would be more beautiful than anything to see them back to nature. Please stop any exploitation on them!