“hold your own,

know your name,

go your own way….

and everything will be fine”

~ Jason Mraz, Detail in Fabric

Everything will be Fine, detail in fabric, jason mraz, song, lyric, quotes


One of my favorite song and lyric from Jason Mraz is Detail in Fabric. Though it was years ago, I think it’s worth to share ( rewrite this on September 2015 ).


Back in a day, this song come to me when I was in bad moment. I gave up with my job and felt not appreciated. I felt like some songs come in the right time you need it, and it’s when this song come. It’s coincidental, but I love it. It was like you asking help and God sent somebody to lift you from far far away place and then God’s choose people shared their blessing to heal people in the world, at the same time create his part of own journey. It’s like a neat schema, but, who knows?


Music is the best to relieve. So when you give up or in a bad phase, pick random song that lift your morale higher. Have one song in your soul that will cheer you and make you feel so much better. For me, it always works. Perhaps, you can choose light music that is very calming or rock-alternative to wreak your feeling. Everyone has different favor on music, so you can use what do you love on your faith. Some youngster tend to run to rock-alternative. It works for some to relieve, but bad for others since it could lead you to frustrate even more. Be careful on what you listen.


It’s even much better if you listen it with your bestie. You’ll have companion to mend your sadness. The power of friendship never fail to make you feel much better. Even when you don’t want your friend to do anything for you, it seems just enough to see them sitting beside you and complete you with smile. Live your life! Cheerss…