Can I just fly…
then tomorrow,
every teardrops change into a wide forest,
every tears turn into a bright river,
and every anger turn into beautiful edelweiss???
Can it just happen?? 
Can I just fly…
then tomorrow,
the sky never turn into the grey,
the night never be so dark,
and the sun shine brighter in every angle of happiness?
Can it just happen?? 
poetry, poem, poetry about life, poetry about girl, girl fly, happy girl

(c) Favim

Can I just fly away…
then suddenly a magic happen :
the world stop and lost in a second!
Alien rules the world and human turned to be their slave..
Ohhh…. Can it just happen?? 
Can it just happen?
Can it just happen without a reason??
Can it just happen I beg?
Can it just….??
and it be…
The Wise stopped me and said:
“Of course NO, kids!
It’s  your imagination….!”