I never tried to make this enemy,
I respect you as always I do!
and if you are easily to save the revenge,
You can’t blame at all!!
That’s not my mistakes, dear!
I do so much effort to make it better
even it has waste my while.
I don’t wanna hate you,
Like I wish you never hate me
For some unreasonable thing you declare the pshy war
Oh I see it vets, I’m one of your most ugly junior!
and I’m real close with bunch of people on your hate list
Well, you think I made your life hard
and you’re getting hard and harder to breath
when I came near to your space
 Again and many times…
You abuse me on your Facebook status update
You said I’m slow, well it’s fine!
said I’m begging for public attention, it’s not a matter, in fact I never!
said I’m worst employee at all, sounds annoy me
thought I should fix, my behavior, ups… look at the mirror!
emphasize I’m the stupid one, I laugh it out!
modify my words into hot issue, I clap my hands!!
anger, sad, disappointment, judgement, hatred, sadness

(c) fromlondonwithlovebyiulia.blogspot.com

I forgot what has just occurred,
I try to leave this pieces honor to you,
but you stand to your principle!
You think you’re the MISS RIGHT always?? Hell, BIG NO!!
You think important to be yourself and don’t listen someone else??
Hey, please!!
Listening advice could be great choice!
You lost no pride arguing your stubborn head!
You said you’re the mature one, I never found it in you!
You thought you act wise so far, well I see the opposite!
Okay, now you must stop!
Don’t you tired judge me again, again and again??
Don’t you bored argue with me many times?
 Hell, that’s it!
I don’t mind take it last forever,
Even pleaseeee…… we should have a better choice!
I respect you, you respect me, is that simple??
Bet you are better than me??
Prove it by attitude!!
I just want things get done!