“In your darkest hour…

NEVER WORRY that there is NO HOPE for the FUTURE!!

The most extraordinary thing about this life is that :


and you get to DECIDE what’s in the next chapter!!”

~ Unknown


You are The Author of Your Own Destiny, quotes, words, saying, wisdom


Do not put out the lantern of your life called HOPE. Hope will shine you, even when you were in the lowest level of your life. You have so much time to prove yourself to the world that you can do everything better than what people judge you wrong. Some people want to see you quickly make it, but no, destiny has it portion, and just because you don’t make as quickly as their expectation, it doesn’t mean you are the looser. You’re still the winner as long as you don’t stop.


Good Process for Great Result


So many people who enjoy what they were doing not realize that what they do now can make them shine in the future or create magic that bring them to whole new level. It’s true that miracle does happen everyday. You don’t have to focus on where you came from, but put your focus on what you want to achieve. From hobby or your passionate thing, obsession or dream, you can make your destiny.


As the saying above, you are the author of your own destiny. See it from another perspective, collect your courage, start your action, love what you’re doing and fight for it. Perhaps what you want is not coming in following months or in a year, but it’s just getting closer and closer.