“When you are LOW and NOWHERE TO GO remember this,

When you open your eyes,

Your heart,

Your spirit,


There you will find the strength called :


~ Anonymous

When You're Low and Nowhere to GO, hope, heart, spirit, stranger, quotes, words, wisdom


Never lose hope!

Hope is one thing to keep you alive. I know you’ve meet so many evil in your life, those who scream too much too you and lacerating your faith and your spirit. If you spend time to look on it, it will tear you even more. When you stand too long on it, you will lose your self and oblivious of the spirit of enthusiasm and optimism.


There is always place to come back…

When you go astray and lose your vision, remember that you always have place to come back. A warm place that remind you the beauty of struggle and get what we want from that. That place could be God, your family, wife, best friend and your deepest soul. You know they who always there for you will encourage you to come back to the right track. The will tell you the classic thing like Alva Edhison has failed 1000 times, so you still have hundred of shit to prove yourself. You can do it, always!


Don’t Lose Your Identity

You have value, remember this. You should never forget your quality and the fact that you’re worth more than that. You can do anything better with more try. Failure is not mistake. Having slow progress is not a sin. So, why you have to be afraid?


Some people look like they were looser just because they showing slow progress. However, even that slow progress is an investation for them to gain a winning in near future. When they make it, other people will usually look at them like don’t believe and seems like it’s not possible. Nothing is impossible actually.