“When the last tree is cut down,

the last fish eaten,

and the last stream poisoned,

you will realize that you cannot eat money”

~ Cree Indian Proverb


You Cannot Eat Money, quotes, proverb, cree indian


Some people work too hard to collect more money, even after they are rich enough. They are afraid if their money will not enough for the future and for their godchildren. They forgot that their godchildren not only need money, but also need stability of nature and more real legacy like honesty and good behave.


Also, there are some people who will sacrifice their family for money. They work 15 hours per day and only back to get some sleeps. They don’t have time to spoil wife or watching what their children are doing. Until he reaches the point that he has grow old but he realized how short time it was time for family. Too late! Time can’t back. Your money is useless.


Click The Movie

Have you ever watched this movie? This movie features Adam Sandler, the workaholic man who wants to get high position quickly. He has tool that allowed him skip time so he could avoid all shit things he doesn’t like or he wants everything become faster, including his promotion.


Unfortunately, because of his impatient and greediness, he has skipped so many things and ignore the family. In the final day of his life, when he has everything and in the peak of his career, he found himself divorced from his wife. His children has grown up to their teenager days and his beloved father has passed away. He was regret because all good things he skipped just because he wants more pride and money.


Yet, Money is Indeed Important

NO, don’t think money is evil. Of course we all need money to balance our life. However, stress the balance word. It means, works with fun and dedication, but remember you work to feed your family and make them happy and welfare. So, never ignore them and put them behind. They are your priority and will always be.


Also, make God is just purpose. When you take this for granted, the way you earn money will always in border of wellness and noble. You will not cheat or corrupt to get more money. You will not doing bad just for the shake of money. You will see wider and consider every aspect that you should not harm nature and people. If you are rich in noble way, you will be very content and you will be immensely happy for that.