Today I received the scary fact,
at the first, I promised to not pass this early!
It’s a bit of complicated,
and I just  think I’m too young to settle!
it’s make me so scare then..
 Next days, next months,
I can see the picture, I realize can’t modify it,
I can draw a piece of line, but I have no right to recolor
everything seems to be dark!
I had much worry!
I can’t see the light left in my room!
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 How could I regret if I don’t know where the north is
I’m full of confuse, but no one give me the choice,
They said A, then turn me to A,
But the X said I must be the B, then turn me to B,
Y wish I can be D, and fake me to be D,
*Sigh..* Hhhhh…. it never be what I want..
My aims are not what above, I just want to jump into the K!!
I’m mature enough to decide what I want
I’m smart enough to decide where to go
and I’m the first person who know what I really want to be..
 if only they understand…