Don’t involve me,

you don’t have to involve me
I know it’s about your advantages
you still would never gimme a single breath
 so, just let me go!
no single hole you deserve about
you’re about nothing, your dream is about suffering!
forget me, stop abuse me!!
go find someone else, you said millions are better than me!
so, what your difficulty??
you don’t have to wait me to dump you first!
I really don’t like to be abuse!!! 
sad, broken heart, broken, love, relationship, romance


 write your future in another sky
well, my sky has turn into the gray
spread your seed in another land,
well, my land has dead too long!
and it’s almost rain here
well, if you still don’t understand
please, let me emphasize :
I really don’t like you!!
 Well, still not clear yet?
Once again I shout this to you:
I really.. really don’t like you!!!
That’s it!
Thank you and please leave!!!