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Gadget fever is attack!!
Classic cell phone is weird out and replace with the new version called The Smart Phone. Blackberry is one of the those luxury and classy and make people become so busy. Ali is influence with the neighborhood. When blackberry hits, then he buy blackberry. It’s easy for him to afford that.
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It only works for months. Yeah, at last we know that now tablet is the king. Most of the people start leaving Blackberry for tablet. He’s so envy with people who start buying their first tablet. It’s so noisy when people talk about this silly thing. Now, he plans to sell his blackberry and buy one of the expensive tablet. He made the shout out as well, so all of his neighbor knows if he will have an expensive table in this close time. So, then, people will up date him the latest expansive gadget. We know he always tries to be classy, never look as the classy one though! :D.
Woowww… he’s so surprising! So, the tablet is really expansive. He remembers as this month he has multiple task to settle his previous debt. But he knows it’s all about pride. All the people know he will buy tablet, he doesn’t want to make a shame. He said, “I will buy that purchase this month! No delay because you know who I am!”. Wooow… so brave or arrogant? May be both!
Ali is confused, but his wife said that better don’t buy the tablet because she thinks that blackberry is enough. And she also considered that the feature of tablet is not suitable with his need which is rarely using internet or another smart feature of tablet. Ali deny it, he doesn’t want to be shame. That’s it!
No choice, Ali decide to buy it by credit it to the reputable store. It’s good solution, I guess. At least he succeed to cover his shame by having tablet as the target. Great! Congratulation, Ali!! # brrrrrr….. the audience clap the hands.
This morning, people just knows that he has the tablet. He is still so new so that he can’t understand all the feature and confuse how to operate. He told us that actually he don’t really need this tablet but only spend his money for it. Oh, hay, another arrogant statement! Does it mean this is totally for a pride? Oh, no!