This is actually VERY SIMPLE!!

You only have one choice:

“Do your best, with whatever you have, from the place where you are.”

Anything else is waiting.”

~ Notes from the Universe ~ Mike Dooley


This is Very Simple,Quotes, wisdom, words


This quote is very enlighting! And it’s also one of my favorite from Mike Dooley!

Sometimes, as human, we are worry too much about our life. Future scare us too much like we can’t do a lot to color the cloud of our life. Sometimes, we also don’t feel lucky enough. We tend to see what people have to create jealousy in our soul than to grateful for everything we have.


Grateful Change Your Life!

Try to become more grateful everyday and you’ll feel happier. You’ll find that actually you have so many good things around you that it seems hidden by your ungrateful. We’ve met so much shit in our life, I know this for sure. Yet, it doesn’t mean God forget to give you something on your portion. Open your eyes and you’ll see everything are just good for you.


Why to Become too Serious?

We all have our dream and mission in life. It’s all normal that creating excitement in our self. With buck of dream and mission, it doesn’t mean we have to be serious everyday. We will do our part, our very best effort to make our dream come true, the rest is God’s work. That’s why we often listen repetitive story that miracle does happen.


So after you do your best, all you should to do is enjoying your coffee in a quiet place or laugh together with your friends or partying or shopping or some holiday. Your life is just too wonderful!