Feel this pressure,

hug this tears,
together we fall into pieces..
This is my passion,
let me burn and dying within,
let me feel the ups and down
this is the road which I decide to escape,
from the lonely and empty,
from the cruel of this world,
from the injustice,
from the limit and border,
from the people who always set me as their feed


This is my passion,

I promise to not give up,

to fight till the end…

until the last second of my breath!!!

I promise no time for complain,

I promise to build my spirit up….,

I promise won’t let anyone abuse me anymore,

won’t let them waste my emotion for their various reason,

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This is my self, Here is my passion!I had my own waterfall on my mind,

This is my mountain to climb!

even you might not understand

but, fine, this is my journey!!

I promise to learn more each day,

I promise to not surrender,

I promise to start now,

By NOW!!


 I promise to be independent,
No one can’t hold this passion,
I would chase my dream!
I promise to fly as highest as the blue sky
This is my passion,
This is my road!
This is my journey began!
I promise… someday you’ll find me  :
glad in another gateway,
Smile when you call my name!
Proud when remembered my past,
Cry when comeback home!
Everyone welcome me!