“When you’re looking at your old photos, it seems so obvious, right?

then you know you look so beautiful!

but for various reason, you did not really believe it

I think you need to learn this:

Today you are much more beautiful than yesterday!

You are much better!!

You are also smarter, funnier, wiser, more compassionate, not too serious,

and finally walking in peace!

I just think that you need to know!”

~ Mike Dooley, Notes from Universe


Old Photo



True things happening, when I watch my old photos, the memorize caught me and create silly joy in my soul. I remember, perhaps that time I had conflict in myself and had low self-esteem, but still, I was looking so good like everything was okay. I was looking content and just better.


The old photo sometimes told you that you were really good person, but sometimes you lost yourself in pessimism, jealousy of others or often lose identity. You live in modern live that you can see your enemy trying to sink you and you see it as challenge, so you were busy to prove them instead of enjoying your life.


Thus, you should not commit to make similar mistake. Have more of me time and enjoy your self. Love your self more than you love any challenge to prove you for others. Love yourself for you and enjoy each moment. You can do anything you want as long as it makes you happy and it doesn’t harm society. Having freedom is one exciting thins, but remember to become responsible human being.