I’m not appreciated!
Oh, let me still put my honor on you
Those effort had gone,
Wherever and whenever I moved..
The only word left is just STUCK!
I’m not appreciated!
Million question never been answered,
Why you stop stare at me?
Those flash appear in a glance,
Then lost for forever
Change your mind, let my door open!
It take a second, less of your busy hours
I’m not your part, hell let me understand!
You broken my wings, well it’s not the first time
anger, sad, upset, walk away, poetry, poem, hatred

(c) lietingadiena.deviantart

Take me higher,
Please just once in a moment
The game has already up to the eleven level,
And I trying hard to pursue what you’ve been dreaming about,
If you ignore me,
Then I realize not appreciated!
How could you believe can I stand longer here,
Every minutes is disappointment
I learn a lot!
That’s a lot!
To know I’m not appreciated