“Let’s play this game.

Only for today, all long day ….!

Through all of our thoughts and decisions:

that LIFE is EASY,

that everyone is very kind,

and time is in our side.



And let’s pretend:

that we are extraordinary being loved,

that the miracles conspiring in our behalf,

and that nothing can hurt us without our permission.



And if we love this game, we will play it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next days. Soon, this is no longer game anymore, because life for us, will be that easier.

It would be as easier as today.

 The mind also becomes reality!”

~ Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

Mind also Becomes Reality, quotes, wisdom saying


Playing this game will make you like somebody trying to get ride any burden from your shoulder. So that you can walk lighter and easier, and you like become somebody new who were just injected with new spirit and optimism. Of course this sounds really exciting! It’s really great game that you can play everyday to boost your confidence.


At first you pretend that life is easier and that everything was made for you. You will learn how to change your mind set into one more positive mode everyday. And you can increase the intensity day by day and make it better and better. And then you learn that it’s easier that you ever imagine. And once it’s being absorb by your mind, woooww, how amazing life it is! Where have you been? Why do you never feel this way before!


Ready to commit a change? Ready to have new life, enthusiasm and excitement? Ready to become more positive person? I think you can try to play this game by now. You don’t need any tool I promise. It’s just about you and your mind! Enjoy and good luck!