You are my innocent face..
please don’t go, stay right here beside me..
I know how to take care you,
when others just left..
Don’t you know when the leaves start to fall,
Your smile comes like a sun shine,
It’s like the fresh air,
You blast me through my veins!
Arrggghhhhhhh….. !
no single word could describe,
how in love I am…!
and when the rainbow started to paint,
your face flashes my faith and brings me new colour,
Hey, I bet no one can replace you!
Your innocent face is another fantastic melody ever!
It’s quite in my soul,
feel so deep within…
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(c) Jab We Met

Now, what else??
you wish this poetry go along and on?
well, sorry to disappoint you!
I just have no more words to describe,
I just remembering you,
only you.. you.. and you..!
your smell taste a million best perfume ever!
and it’s ringing in my nose when I’m asleep..
I’ve lost my choice, my darl!
I’m give my self up on you!
time suddenly stop when I see your face deeply,
it’s way running so slow…
I couldn’t say anything when those two beautiful eyes staring back at me..
I never succeed to pursue you,
You are too beautiful to touch
You are too amazing for me to keep wondering
You are the only lady rule me in many ways..
You are my orange juice,
You are my innocent face!