Nothing  last forever!

I’ve just lost my symphony
I just think time is too swift,
and I lost your smile at the sudden

My mom told me that I should be a stronger woman,
My friend said that I was the brilliant ever,
I never take care them!

 I never take any sweet moment as my attention,
I just think about myself and I!
It’s always about me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and me!!!
and time moves too swift…
I’m a teen now!
I lost my best friend,
and leave my mom in fight

Five years back is the only place I wanna go,
Peterpan is the only tale I want to live,
Fantasy is the only rest I wanna dream

I wanna go…
but then I found I’ve lost what’s to go!
I forgot the moment,
I enjoy my selfish bloody in my small aquarium
I want to open new curtain,
but the hanging is already gone…

hurt, broken heart, problem, sadness, life, poetry, poetry about life

( c)

It can’t last!
The memory can’t last!
Best moment can’t last! 
Anything can’t last!
My regret can’t last!
It can’t last!!
It can’t last!!
It can’t last!!!
nothing last!
can’t last when I understand…!
can’t last when I remember!!
It can’t last forever!
It can’t last when I wake up!
can’t last…!!
can’t last when I realize!

This swelling  burn me out,
I’m not little girl anymore,
I’m woman who lost her soul and waiting to be dying,
Don’t know what to do,
have no words to spoke out,
have no smile to share,
and no attitude to perform!

I miss my childhood!
When I was  playing around and feel so much happy,
people hug me and said I was like a Barbie girl,
but it’s already done!
Now I forgot the last time I laugh out loud
and hear the voices said they love me,
I’ve disappoint people all of my life,
I’m just full of my regret
Nothing last forever!
Memory can’t last forever!
I can’t ruin in twice!