This post would be start with my warm regards for all The Christian in The World who just celebrate Christmas on December 25th 2011. Let’s wish this Christmas will bring  the joy and peace to the whole world.
And let’s count days left! Who guess time moving so swift? It’s seems like yesterday I’ve just graduated from my Senior High School, had no responsibility to seek for penny and just had fun with my friend. Woooww, it was on 2009! Do you feel the same?? Don’t you believe that we left 2011 soon for 2012. Yeah, NEW YEAR again!
 new year
Some people have unique prediction about 2012 as the end of human life. Well, for me it’s just take me to another life and new different of time level. New year happen every year and sometimes if you don’t have special celebration with the one you love, new year will sound boring. In fact, some people choose to celebrate new year with firework and really waiting for that moment, but in the other hand, some other just take it easy and think those doesn’t important, it’s just “same off days” which is spent by earlier sleeping time. Even if actually, celebration don’t need too much attention, but I believe that celebrate it will give you new spirit and remain in your heart and memories, do you agree with me?
New Year = New Resolution = New Promise = Plan to be a better person!
Tomorrow must be better than yesterday, as the saying goes. I believe that new year should be oriented as plan to be a better person. Many people make New Year Resolution as the promise to improve your character and achieve what they’ve left in previous year. Most important thing to be notice : MAKE YOUR SIMPLE CONSISTENT RESOLUTION. Those who make 11 – 20 point of New Year Resolution sounds great at the first time, but then they doubt and lose spirit to fulfill their promise. Fffiuhhhh…. Useless!!


Make your simple consistent resolution is great advice. Starting by yourself, by simple thing around you and consistent for whole the year. The best thing about New Year resolution is when you able to fulfill all your target and give your own gift as the appreciation or award. That’s it! Don’t ignore about this funny gift, it’s function like the magic box that give you additional cheer and spirit.

Remember What’s Left, Repair for Tomorrow
Always remember : Don’t be too much to make list on your New Year Resolution. Take it easy, but serious. Believe your power, but don’t give too weight burdened. Know your limit is very important for self improvement.

Here is the step for New Year’s Resolution Guide :

1.      Remember thing in previous year ( 2011 ) you want to correct and change, since it give you bad impact, such as always wake up late, too much in purchase thing, never greet neighbor, never wash your own clothes or even lazy to do your own homework. Create as many as list of yours.

2.      Do selection for the point, which one you really need to change and which on can be tolerate.
3.      Arrange your resolution point and describe what you want to change.
4.      Prepare your self for kind of punishment when you can’t fulfill your target and gift when you achieve your target. If needed, tell your parent that you made this New Year Resolution, I think they will be proud of you and even give you additional gift and award surprisingly when you achieve your target.
5.      Do it consistently and be a better of you!
Pay attention with point number 5. All of your effort will be wasteful if you lost your concentration and consistent. It’s very important.
Good luck!