An amazing place to enjoy the day beaches scenery…
have sun bathing is great idea to do,
I know the weather is hot, but you could ignore it..
because it’s easily replace with your happy-satisfaction feeling,
yeah… you can deny it!
Kuta… you could never forget it!
Kuta… you should never miss it!
run along…
left your footprint on the white sand beaches,
build your sand home with smiling faces,
and made your name erase by the power of waves,
what a wonderful moment!
two days would never enough to spend the moment!
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, sunset, twilight, beautiful sun set, poetry about Kuta, poetry Indonesia, poem

(c) Kuta Indonesia

Kuta is more than just a tale, it’s a real place
the only place which is known with it exotic and romantic twilight…
It’s like a painting, you feel it way so beautiful
Less your fatigue, forget what’s outside
It’s a real place!
the weather is great, people is fantastic
forget your headache, you were in another heaven
let’s see… the beautiful night sky is so festive!
and it’s smile at you!
Kuta, yes it’s in Bali!
most romantic and beautiful place in Indonesia,
may you declare your love here,
you may share and celebrate some unforgettable moments here!
with the one you love, Kuta would never disappoint you
because Kuta is more than just a tale, it’s a real place!