Oh, you!
How shame you are,
You complaining the silly thing,
Well… you should not do!
How shame you are!
How could you lost your faith??
Hey you, please look around!
Big level indicated big responsibility,
But you just keep complaining the silly thing!
need more assistance doing your work, ha?
Hey, why don’t you spend minutes for extra time??
Work out like the way we did!
Don’t hurry us, it’s your responsibility!!
Don’t abuse us just because we’re the beneath low!
And stop complaining for this silly thing!
Rejecting is our choice!
What a shame!!
You lost your pride!

 girl, lonely, boredom, alone, quiet, dark

Hey, stop judging us!
Spent your time to solve your work,
You could solve problem by yourself!
Don’t blame other who don’t want to help you,
They know you are expert in wordplay,
We understand how effortless you are!
Rejecting is our choice!
Don’t blame us who don’t want to help you!
We have our own responsibility,
You can’t turn us into a slave!
Hey, you!
You have no shame!
Just complaining this silly thing!
Hey, you!!
Wake up, don’t turn us into a slave!
How shame you are!
Your mentality is too much weak!
Begging for help like a looser!