Can I be just fine?
when I open my eyes…
start my days with this sorrow,
I’m the trouble!
my life is a super trouble!
I hate this situation,
and wish skipping this step..
Can I be just fine??
when I know tomorrow is always been my bad day
People scold at me,
I live this scary alone
Can I be just fine?
walk through this empty room,
and I know there’s no hope
and no more dream to chase
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Can I be just fine?
when I open my eyes…
just realize I was sent to another stranger space,
there’s no live here!
I feel so much frightened…
this situation is getting worse and worse
Can I be just fine?
knowing no one care about me
knowing I’m weird and defect
and my life is all about sorrow and dark tunnel
I always pray to get my life over!
Oh God, I swear I wish this over !!
I have no hope left!
Can I be just fine?
there’s only the sadness in my face..
this line is look more real..
I can’t smile,
just tears flew in my check
Oh, Gosh!
I want to take a rest,
I want to sleep for now…
for tomorrow…
the next days…
for then…
next year..
and for forever…
and I know ..
it may the only way to make feel little better