Say everything worst about me!
I just thought this is my end :
never find what I searched for,
never succeed for each thrown I did,
never achieve for each dream I wished,
never accept what I deserved,
never reach what I’ve been giving up
Say everything worst about me,
then you able to give me such as labels :
I’m the most miserable girl ever!
I’m the most selfish person!
I’m the most unlucky!
I’m the worst dress in your party!
I’m number one in your most hate list!
and everyone laugh on my grieve!
Say everything worst about me!
so you can blame me for too much mistakes of mine :
left my great family for those fuck things,
escaped from home since I couldn’t hold this pressure,
said thousand lies to make me feel alive,
pretend to be noisy to make me seems better in front of public,
stole your money to fulfill my lifestyle,
burnt your faith many times and lost no guilty,
wish to turn back time, but knowing it’s impossible
Say everything worst about me,
then you could laugh…
then you could smile,
then you could satisfied,
then you have too much reason could not explain…
to kick me out,
and forgot my fight!
sad, frustated, feel down, feel lost, alone, lonesome, cry, girl, poetry, poem


Say everything worst about me,
then I can cry,
then I get frustrated
then I go mad
then I shout out!
then I’m getting tired
I’m getting suck!
then I complaint,
I’m getting stuck,
then… lost my voices!
just feel too much hurt
carry this burdened alone
with no one care..
and nobody understand
Say everything worst about me,
it’s not make sense anymore!
I could not remove my traces
I could not push my back to this stream
I lost my choices..
It’ s tearing me apart,
to stand with this fake smile..
Say everything worst about me,
say it!
just say it!
this passion is already done and gone!