It been four years now,
work out like a looser and no one notice about me,
I’m invisible, never go ahead!


one said I’m the best, but they couldn’t admit,
I’m just another stranger!
grade less, no friend, no reward…
Time run out..
new people came, the veterans gone,
I’m their witness, never go ahead!
My director never gimme the chance!
I feel like another stranger,
going to die as the loser,
go on and on..
as the loser…
I left behind for those who grow,
no one admit me, everyone ignore me…
I’m stuck!
and hurt..
I’m stuck!!
I’m stuck on my way!
I should quite!
new people came, the other veterans gone,
I feel like the deaf for those who won,
I have no achievement, too sad for those who laugh!
I’m stuck!
I’m stuck….
I’m stuck on my way!!
girl, woman, sad, alone, broken heart, disappointed 

It’s getting hard to decide,
but I should quite!
I have nothing to proud here,
no one admit me, everyone ignore me..
I have nothing to chase,
I have nothing to pursue,
no either to dream,
My director close the curtain..
I couldn’t move but stuck!
Another new people won the seat,
what I did??
why did I stay here?
they closed my curtain already !
I’m stuck!
and hurt..
and I’m fu*ck!
I’m fu*ck on my way!