I’m not sad, I’m not happy..
I’m not glad, I’m not worry..
not afraid of loneliness, never feel the crowded…
I’m not alive, just slowly of death
I’m not in love, might I never!
I have no feeling at all,
I’m just the abstract symphony!
I never smile, nor cry out loud..
I never talk, I wish the voices..
I could not fly, expecting Lord a million wings…
I feel all plain,
I’m as quiet as a slow tune
abstract melody, abstract poetry, abstract feeling, poem, poetry, river poetry, dark poetry, river, dark river

image: planetminecraft.com

It’s so empty here, I’m a lonesome,
I never hate you nor love your presences,
I’m not fall asleep, not awake too!
I’m not glad, not worry at all..
I comfortably numb,
I’m running out of time..
I’m not…
I’m not…
I’m not… not-thing…
I don’t even know who I am!
I’m not..
I’m not..
I’m nothing!
I’m just…
part of imagination, living in your memories,
sometimes I’m lost, in a glance I’m appear,
sometimes so strong, too fragile at once!
I’m not..
I have nothing to feel, I’m about lost my mind!
I’m weird out, I’m the abstract melody