I’m afraid if I..
couldn’t walk so strong as I did before,
couldn’t go anywhere as free as the bird,
I’m afraid if I..
lose my freedom, stop moving forward
I’m afraid if I…
stay with thousand tasks stressing my psychology,
I’m afraid losing my time to..
declare anything I want to
I’m afraid if I…
at the sudden could not figure it out,
losing my confidence to decide,
disappear my independence to alive,
must sacrifice more and more
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Credit: littlebeetle.net

I’m afraid if I…
living this worry for my entire life,
couldn’t hear my boy raises his voices,
couldn’t see people whom I were around when I open my eyes,
but they live in my memories forever
I’m afraid if I…
could not touch you in my second of time
have no shame to miss you…
but no word could explain how much I miss u,
in my each heart beat…
I wish I could come back…
everything seems  impossible!
and this future needs to be handle..
and I’m afraid if I…
lost my passion, just be another maid,
my principle is shaken!
start living in this scare,
I’m under control now!
and everyday is all about losing my mind


*Photo Credit: littlebeetle(dot)net