2011/ 2012 sounded too awful for me! I guess 10 years back is better place and opportunity to grow where people tend to put their focus on quality than “quantity”. Life must go on, try to make everything balance toward technology advanced, but then….. money start to be king of everything. Oh well, I know money is important. However, when it turns into evil, it will eat your whole brain.


You may have achievement and all the good deed to show the world you’re exist and you’re one of those with value. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s something useless when people count you by your money. People ask how much money in your pocket first before you can get education. Perhaps, it’s not happen anywhere in the world. Though, when it happens to you, it feels like you live in shit.


sad, alone, sadness. tired. light


The trouble begin when one think you don’t deserve opportunity because you can’t afford university. No matter how great you are and how good your work, people watching you with half of their eyes because of it. When you sent the application letter to your dream company, the directore will send you the rejection letter saying “Sorry, kids, You don’t have enough certificate level we need to join our company”.


This is a joke, but yes, this is the true. People forget that Einstein created their magic without enough education. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg even hadn’t finish their college for they’ve invented Microsoft and Facebook. Then why, people could easily judge you by your education. Is that fair? Is that a piece of certificate paper worth better than a talent? Everyone with good talent is actually deserve the same chance.

Let’s look up the sky and see what God will say about this.