Feel so angry..
it’s out of my mind,
it’s not clear logical!
got me so furious..
and you set in me into this fire..
stop giving me lectures..
I couldn’t get it!
I’m not your chump.. anymore!
I could see it better now..
no… no… no…!!
stop giving me theory!
it’s very ridiculous!
just like those suck things..
you threw on me!
please stop!
I quite soon,
you couldn’t emphasize things on me anymore,
you gotta stop monetize me!
stop now!
I quite!
no more theory then!!
sad, angry, emotional, furious

Credit: silverspiral.org

For me it’s enough,
I deserve for another chance,
I hate your big lie explanation!
it’s tearing me apart!
oh well, can you see it?
dumb, give me another way out!
I hate the way you told all your stories!
please stop given me theory,
I could get enough…,
It’s done!
I deserve for another chance!
I couldn’t control this anger remote anymore,
please stop!
I’m going to ruin your life!
it’s just you did too much..
with you stupidity and big lies!
I hate your theory!
please stop now!
I know it never been true!
I know it’s just another lie!
I quite soon!!