“Promise me you’ll always remember :
You’re braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seems,
And smarter than you think”
( Christpher Robin to Winnie The Pooh )
 promise me, you always remember, strength, quotes, wisdom, winnie the pooh
Always have faith on your self.
Sometimes, all you need is someone to remind you how wonderful you are. You seems to easy to forget one thing that you are who make you beautiful. It’s not someone else or the one you think hero of your life. It’s you, your individuality. You have everything you need to make your life colorful and full of rainbow. Does it make you surprise that one day you look back and see how hopeless you were? Until a best friend found you and make you realize everything could get better.

Oh, well, we always have that good friend who change ourselves completely. The one who sit down with us to  listen to every story and never get bored. The one who share so many joys and at the same time never hide their pain. You could strengthen each other and remind each other about the power you have. This kind of friend is rare. But the more rare thing is a person who always remember his friends advises and take it forever to bring him into whole new level.

By now and then, make it forever and have faith in you!