Once in a moment..
please confess it was your mistake,
Once in a moment..
stop watching the fault by your excellent telescope,
don’t look for who’s to blame, but look for the solution
Once in a moment…
please stop to defend..
Once in a moment..
see the whole of you through the brighter water
Please realize this is not the first time,
do not take yourself higher, don’t let us speak louder,
your arrogance will ruin on you!
sea, water, darkness, sadness

Photo Credit: johnniecraig.wordpress.com


Once in a moment…
listen to people gave you true suggestions,
not to set you into trouble, but more to tell you the root of the problems..
Once in a moment.. please..
would you listen?
you are such as stubborn rock couldn’t cave in by the tremendous waves,
you are such as the sea with no edge..
Just once in a moment..
please take time..!
to look at the whole picture of you..
we are tired of your arrogance…
we are bored of your attitude…
you are very hard to deal!!