This is the piece story of my office mates, Dini. She’s 30 years old, single and doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. She’s actually pretty cute and smart woman, but she’s the enemy of everyone. Her mouth is much more spices than chili. Her attitude shows she is not dream woman of anyone. She is so rude and bitchy that everyone tends to avoid her. She’s very senior in office and everyone knows that she’s so moody. The important key: don’t let yourself trapped into trouble with her.
The tale is go on…. 
I know I’m the one whom she hates the most. It is cause one day I didn’t realize pull the fan down and injured her leg. It was only small injury and I swear I didn’t realize that fault until she attacked me with her bitchy mouth. I said my sorry many times after that, but she kept hate me. She shared the story to everyone and made me look like weird and freak. I have no choice but keep silent and never look at her. Regarding my silence action, she hates me for more. Whenever I talked to my friends, she thought I was talking about her and judge her attitude with spreading word –she’s very sensitive too!! She hates me more and more then. I’m on her top hate list now! Tried my second chance, I asked her sorry sincerely. She ignored me and pretended not see me. She has done making me irritating. I don’t care with that kind of person, anyway. She’s not somebody for me. I decided to let her on her way.
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Lately, she attacks me with harassing facebook status. The two of many of status were made to me are:
“You were not born to make people accept what you believe. Everyone can believe whatever they want. Just stop judging and accept”
“ Love me? Great. Hate me? Even better. Think I’m ugly? Don’t look at me? Don’t know me? Don’t judge me! Think you know me? You have no idea”.
Weird! I was about insane reading them. I thought it should be my status to attack her. Okay, it must be done. I will be hospitalized if I took this person seriously. People may think her a victim of my misbehave. Done, I don’t care anymore. Well in fact, she’s the one who put me on her enemy list. I never made it as a serious problem but she won’t just leave me alone. Oh Gosh, how to deal with someone like her? Oh yes, I realize, sometimes people are just like that!