“When I could not swim and do not have the ship,

my dreams were large as the Ocean”

( Redva Kaurvaki )



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Never underestimate people. Sometimes what they show doesn’t figure who really they are in the future.


It reminds me to a story from a friend. She was a girl, only an ordinary girl. She wears old clothes and doesn’t know how to wear make up. She is really too usual. We all know she is kind of serious person, but we never know that behind her calm and casual look, she has a very big dream and huge spirit to chase her dream.


She comes from poor family. It makes her very familar with fighting since it’s not something new for her. Three years ago, she quit from our company because our company has reduction of employees. It’s almost end for her because she is not ready for that. She is not high degree, so it would not be so easy for her. I myself believe she will get another good job. And time passed…


Yesterday, accidentally met her. She is kind of different person now. I asked her what’s going on with her life, she looked so excited. She brought me to caffee near mall we met. She told me she was struggle hard to get a job three years ago. She had suck job for the first year but she must live with it. The following years, she got her dream job to be the writer for megazine company. Ah, yes, I remember she is good at writing and it’s her dream carreer. In that job, she really enjoy it because it was the opportunity she wait the most in her life. She loves her job and put all of her on that job. Just in 1,5 years, she is appointed to be chief editorial staff which she called the best opportunity ever!


The way she told me story was really exciting. I know she is really happy for that. Remember that old days she was only outsourcing employee that people would not watch, but today, she is successfull carrer woman! Amazing!