“I’ll cross the stream… cross the stream… I have a dream”
~ Westlife – I Have a Dream
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Ahaayy, let’s turn back the time for a while! When we were kids and the adult always asked: “What you would be in the future?? Would you be a doctor, police or an actress?”. I’m sure that all of us  will be so excited to answer “I wish to be a doctor that heal everyone, so there’s no disease anymore in this world” or may be “I’m the next Michael Jackson, mom!”.
Time flies so fast until you’re another adult that burnt your own dream. When we grow up, more influence come to us. Some could be good and some could be bad. We start easily doubt our power and tend to give up in the middle of our jouney. Oh, hay, what’s the problem?
Now, in your current age, when people ask the same question where you were kids, you may have different answer such as “The most important thing is I get the job to survive and feed my family” or another give up answer. You start to be scared if you get fired, then have nothing to do. You just be thankful and feel enough with this comfort-zone situation. In the end, you stop dreaming –so no need to think a way to pursue your dream.
No.. no.. no.. Let’s get the clue. You have to remember: everyone has the same chance. It’s not always depends on luck and matter of circumstance, it’s all up to you! Life is about ups and down. How hard you try will affect the last result. Many stories proved that. In USA, the girl without hands could be the pilot of the airplane ( it had been publish on magazine and internet around 2010-2011, have you heard that? ). In Indonesia, the pedicab drivers could publish his personal book entitled “becak”*. And we know that the experts such as Einstein and Alva Edison sacrificed everything just to reach their dream. It’s not time to leave your dream alone! It’s time to see more, into your deepest heart, find out what you really want in life, sacrifice for your passion and make chance. It’s time to take a risk, cross the stream, cause you have a dream! Now or never?