Feel so scare now..
Feel so hopeless then,
Feel like have no protection anymore,
Feel so cold,
Just trap and caught into..
I believe you’re kindness is so sincere,
You know I’m not deserve for that,
I just feel like…
Sigh.. Oh Gosh… he should go!!
I used to live on my own world,
Empty and dark..
I just feel like…
Sigh… Oh Gosh….erase me from his mind, please!
He deserve for such a beautiful lady,
I used to live on my suffering,
I used to live alone,
He’s way too good..
Time could relieve you…
You know you should not here,
just leave me!
I used to be alone..
I used to be with nobody for whole of my life
You’re just too good..!
God called you angel with thousand wings…
and I’m just another dumb..
please leave..!
sad poetry, broken heart poetry, rose, ugly rose, dark rose, black rose

(c) http://lovinlosing.com


Please just leave …
don’t ever get close to me..
once you step ahead, my soul set on fire,
I’m really not deserve you..
I used to spend my time to cry out loud..
No one could accept this..
angel should be hanging together with perfect lady..
and you must not with me!
I beg you, please leave..!
I’m only the ugly rose!
no one could accept this
once you step ahead I’m going to die
No one could accept this
I used to live my life alone
sleep in this immortality