So tired of being here…
start to wondering what about to standing still..
I thought something was lost…
and I’m the only left here..
being a friend of the darkness
Yeah.. that’s it!
I have no choice but to shut my mouth down..
Okay, I stop speaking..
stop complaining too!
I let them decide what’s best for me,
I let them scold at me!
they said I had no voices,
since I’m invisible..
only the darkness see my vision..
and I’m Lost!


The decision is to leave me here,
imprison me from the world,
send me to this narrow cage..
I give it all up to you,
I’m all about alone,
I’m trying hard to accept this..
no one accept me and love me..
so I walk to the end of this empty road,
with the darkness surrounding me
Photo Credit: thesirenssound(.)com