“Once upon a time, people thought the earth was flat.
Until time provides them an opportunity to realize that earth is round.”
( Ariel ‘Nazril Irham’- an Indonesian musician, vocalist and song writer )
 earth, round, flat

It means, we all could go wrong. Once in our lifetime, no matter how clever we are, we often make mistake. It’s not that we were stupid, it because we are human. Even scientist or a group of people with highest IQ do. We learn many things and new thing everyday, at certain point we’ll realize what we had learn before was kind of mistake, so we could fix things and make it better.


We can’t stick in the mud that ‘A’ should be ‘A’ and ‘B’ should be ‘B’. Like we see in this world, that people who stick too much thinking their religion is the only correct will not find a peace to see others have faith on their religion. It’s also the reason why people over argue and doing war over religion. No, it’s not the fault of certain religion or which one is dominant. It’s people fault who can accept the difference and just respect other for their perspective. Especially on religion matters, we can’t say which one is right, because all religion actually teach same good things.


So, now, let’s start learn to respect the difference. Embrace and celebrate every color because after all we are the same people. With this awareness, we would have more peaceful life and we could make this world as better place.