“Do not go where the path may lead..
Go instead where there is no path and leave trail”
( Ralph Waldo Emerson )
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Life is actually about choices. You decide the next path of your destiny. You should not imitate other just because they are success and set you in jealousy.


You’ll find your own way. The problem, how much you want it to dig deeper of your talent instead of totally copying others. No, I’m not totally against copying. You still copying as long as you don’t stop after that. It means, modify and create it on your identity. Original is always better than copy. Thus, you have no reason to totally copy from other people. Learn from them, but make it become worthier and add new touch to make it become special.


Learn from Other to be More Success, not to Do The Same Mistakes…

It’s one point to remember. It’s not cool for the youngster to do same mistakes over and over again like the seniors. Let Alva Edison failed thousand times, but not you. You live in modern era where everything is much easier to learn. You learn to success, not learning doing the same mistake. Thus, it’s very important to create a proper plan before launch your self into serious action.


After you have a proper plan, you could surf on the path you choose and fight for it no matter hard the road. Everyone has the same opportunity, so when it’s your time, you should just enjoy it and make the difference.