“Rat to become Chef? Underestimate it?
Remember, magic does happen everyday!”
( Redva Kaurvaki )
Rat, ratatouille, chef, quotes, opportunity


I think it’s ridiculous those who judge people easily due to grades. Yes, sometimes it’s about luck. Some people have brilliant opportunity to easily gain high grade. While other, who may as smart as them or even smart, don’t have that opportunity. No, it’s not to look for who is right or wrong. It’s not competition who is more luck and who is not lucky.


Life is full of injustice. Some lucky people enjoy their fancy car sitting outside McDonald and talk about their new gadget out date and long to buy the new one. In other part of the world, person at the same age doesn’t know what is the newest gadget or how tasty McDonald is, the only thing she knows, she fights to feed her brother and sister because her parent leave them after divorce and go nowhere with each of their love affair.


It seems go to far, right? I don’t like to go this far, but I just want to remind you to stop judge people from their grade. Some people lucky to have it and some don’t have time to have it. Just because they don’t have it, it doesn’t mean they have no talent. We have so many example that so many success people in the world do their wonderful job without grade. Yes, WITHOUT GRADE!


Now look at the picture above. It reminds you to movie titled “Ratatouille”. This movie inspired me a lot because it’s impossible for a rat to be a chef. It is just an animal, a dirty animal. But, destiny say different. Because this rat is not only rat. He has talent and willing to make its dream coming true. It doesn’t have opportunity. But accidentally, God gives him that chance. When it’s happened, you can’t reject fate. It creates magic like you read in fantasy story!